Denmo of FIFA 18

FIFA 18 Demo Will Supposedly be Launched on September 15

The gamers have been keenly waiting for official updates on all the new titles that are going to be launched within the remaining days of the ongoing year. In that quite a formidable list, FIFA 18 is perhaps the biggest name that most of the gamers are looking forward to. The game is scheduled to be launched in the month of September, but before that, the gamers will be to play the FIFA 18 Demo. And at this moment a number of fans are eager to know all the details related to that.

FIFA 18 Demo: Release Date

Before getting into the features of the Demo version of the latest edition of the game, we should take a look at the FIFA 18 Demo release date. And the general trend indicates that this exclusive edition of the game will be launched only a few days before the official launch of the full version of the game. So as we all know September is the date when FIFA 18 will be up for grabs. And according to the website , the gamers can access the demo of FIFA 18 on September 15 which is a couple of weeks before the actual launch date.

Demo of FIFA 18 game
FIFA 18 Demo

FIFA 18 Demo: Features

Now that you are aware of the probable release date, we move on to the much more fascinating section, that is the FIFA 18 Demo features. Among the things which are going to be playable, we have the Journey Mode. It is obvious that the gamer will not be able to play the full game, but they will be able to get a glimpse of what FIFA 18 has got in store for them. Surely that would be a great introduction to the second season of the Journey mode for the gamers.

Moving on from the Journey Mode, we concentrate on the other aspects of the game. The first thing that comes to our mind is who is going to be the best player in the Demo version. And the answer is Cristiano Ronaldo who is the cover of the game as well. Along with that, it is believed that more than a handful of clubs will be playable in the demo of FIFA 18. The list includes Chelsea, the Manchester clubs, the finalists of the UEFA Champions League 2016-17 – Real Madrid and Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, LA Galaxy and Toronto FC. Even the demo version now looks promising.

Wrap Up

There are not days left to go before the FIFA 18 Demo gets launched, less than a couple of months to be precise. And the gamers’ excitement is already on the up regarding what they are going to come across. To get an idea of that, we need to wait till the month of September. The wait is going to be an eager one.