iOS 11 Beta

iOS 11 Will Be Equipped with A Better, More Adaptable Siri

Apple has been exciting us with their exclusive smartphones since 2007, and at present, we are knocking on the doors of the iconic iPhone’s tenth year anniversary. Why that excites us so is because not only are we getting closer to a brand new anniversary edition iPhone come this September, but also the much awaited accompanying iOS update otherwise known as the iOS 11.

In terms of the latter, Apple certainly has a lot to live up to. Not only is their upcoming iPhone 8 extremely hyped, but in order to be the performer we all think it will, the platform has to be equally strong for the purpose. Besides that, the other thing is that Apple’s iOS 10 was absolutely amazing, which means that the platform the company has ever come to reaching perfection. The platform took Apple’s signature exclusivity and took it to a whole new level of convenience by focusing on the smallest of things which are generally prone to being overlooked. And that is why the developers have a lot of responsibility to shoulder this time around.

The fact is that we have zero doubts that Apple will not fail to live up to the standards that the iOS 10 had set with the upcoming update. However, there have been a lot of debates surrounding the features and new additions that Apple iOS 11 could come with, and while expectations are high, we have to be realistic. For no one, including Apple, can beat the pace that technology has been advancing in. And while we are looking forward to a fantastic platform, we need to focus on the essential and the futuristic.

Keeping in line with that, let us talk about what is undoubtedly the most exciting and unique feature in Apple’s iOS, namely Siri. As with all updates, we can be sure that the voice command enabled smart AI will undergo some upgrades. But what will those be? Well, rumor has it that Apple is hard at work in trying to make the software more sophisticated so as to make the user’s life far more convenient.

This, for most users who have suffered Siri’s limited accent understanding, means better voice response. For years, we had a Siri that was best suited to conversing with someone with a mainstream American accent, with users from other corners of the world being largely frustrated. This has already been greatly improved upon, but Apple still has a long way to go. And reports state that the developers are already working towards the betterment of this feature.

But there is more- it looks like the Siri in iOS 11 will be gifted with better machine learning abilities. The point is to understand the user’s frequent habits and demands and cater to their needs as smoothly as possible, even perhaps without the need for a new command every time. Basically, the updated Siri will be able to learn the user’s daily needs over a certain period of time and adapt itself to meet those demands. This sounds pretty great to us, but there is a little bit of trepidation in our minds about how well this feature will function during its initial days.

The good news is, a lot will be unveiled during the upcoming WWDC event where Apple is likely to introduce the iOS 11 to the public. A developer iOS 11 beta will be released shortly after, followed by the public beta access. The company will use the feedback received during the time to help better this feature and others before finally releasing the coveted software update.