Maintenance Guide for Pressure Washer

Most of you must have a pressure washer and you might want it to last long before actually needing to replace the pressure washer after all everyone makes an investment in such appliances for a long time. But there are certain habits which kill the pressure washer by increasing the rate of wear and tear hence by proper preventive maintenance, you can increase the life of pressure washer by many years. In this article, we have listed some of the ways to maintain the pressure washer before and after every use. If you follow the steps mentioned below then the life of the pressure washer will increase and you would not have to spend money on repair. It is always better to go through the operating manual for maintenance guide but we have also taken care to add all the points in the list.

  • Check Oil before every use

It is really important to check the oil levels of the engine before every use. This is only applicable for the gas based power washer and in the case of an electric power washer, there may be pump oil to avoid the wear and tear. Check the levels of all those oils and fill them when required. In addition to this, you might also consider changing the oil after every fixed interval as the oil can also go bad. In the end, it should also be noted that you should only use the oil which is meant for a pressure washer. Do not try any cheap alternatives.

  • Check all the hoses before every use and lubricate where necessary

The hoses can have certain leaks and they can dry out with time hence check the hoses for any sort of leaks and cuts and if there is a need to replace the hose, ensure that the pressure rating of the pressure washer matches with the pressure rating of the hose. Always check all the coupling and always make sure that there is no debris in the hose as it can damage the pump and leave pressure washer unusable.

  • Check the Screens before every use

Almost every pressure washer comes with a water inlet screen and it is important for you to check the dirty and clogged water screen as they can impact the water flow which eventually impacts the performance of the pressure washer. You may also want to check the air filter in case there is an air filter, ensure that the pressure washers are clean or else replace them when required.

  • Remove the cleaning agent after every use

After every use, clean the cleaning agent which is filled in the cleaner tank. Leaving the cleaning agent there can clog the system and it can also lead to corrosion as the cleaning agent may be acidic in nature. Always run clean water through the system before stopping the pressure washer and once you shut the pressure washer, leave it for some time to cool down.

  • Release the pressure of the system after every use

After using the pressure washer, there might be some extra pressure which is left in the system and hence press the trigger to let off all the pressure from the pressure washer.

Following the steps mentioned above will increase the life of your pressure washer and you would not have to shell out money over unexpected repairs. if you are willing to release your pressure washer, Just read our detail pressure washer reviews on my blog.