Samsung Galaxy S9 release date

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date: Get the Latest Update

Samsung’s flagship of Galaxy has been successful for a long time with almost all its releases, and thus when the announcement of S9 came to the tech world, the speculations regarding the release date took to a grand extent. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 was on sale in April 2017, and there is a possibility of the phone to come not before next year. But already the tech world is hovering with the release date of it and the possible features as well.

Making a speculation of Samsung Galaxy S9 release date is not very difficult as it seems. The S series was unveiled during an Unpacked press conference a day ahead of MWC, which traditionally held in late February or early March, and the Note series in a second Unpacked conference the day before IFA at the start of September.

Samsung has mixed the releases, announcing the Galaxy Note 5 in August 2015 and the Note 7 in August 2016, both ahead of the IFA. Even in 2017, it announced the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in March, just a few days after February’s MWC. The phones finally went on sale at the end of April.

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date
Samsung Galaxy S9 release date

If Samsung wants to launch the Galaxy S9 at Mobile World Congress (MWC), like before, then there is a possibility to get the unveiling around February 2018. If it wants to launch the phone at its own event, as it has done this year, it will likely be around in March or April. For now, it seems the second option has more possibility to happen.

The Samsung Galaxy is quite an expensive buy, and thus the even the features too have always justified. When it was released at £689, it was almost merging with the iPhone territory. We all know that Samsung Galaxy S8 has been a huge success at the current price point, and Samsung has no reason to reduce the price of the S9. And there is no way to think that the upcoming Galaxy S9 will be less expensive. It is very unusual to see a manufacturer reduce the price of a new handset; on the contrary, the RRP just goes upwards with each new release.

Even the discussion regarding the possible features is already a talk of the town, and it suggests a better fingerprint sensor, less fragile design and inclusion of Bixby yet again. So there is no way to think that the phone will be less effective t6han the previous one. Now it is just a wait to know the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date for the fans to buy it as soon as possible.